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Simple Buy & Sell

GlobalDCX makes it easy to buy bitcoin and other digital currencies with a single click. With our simple e-KYC and fast deposit process, you can start buying on our platform quickly and securely. Our convenient dashboard tools let you manage your digital currency investments all in one place.

Our wallets utilize multi-signature technology, advanced privacy protection, two-factor authentication, anti-phishing technology, and secure storage solutions to ensure your money is safe & secure at all times.

Easily send digital currency to anyone, anywhere in the world. With our transfer tool just select either a wallet address, email address or mobile number of the recipient. You can also receive directly to your GlobalDCX wallet by sharing your wallet address.

No matter your investment objectives, our reporting tools help you manage allocations optimally. Visualize your portfolio, control risk and diversify based on your investment goals so you can exceed return targets.

Advanced Trading Platform

For the part-time or full-time trader who you needs advanced functionality to manage each order and position, the GlobalDCX platform offers a deep order book, real-time updates, enhanced charting, and a range of order types. Research, analyze, plan your order in one powerful platform.

GlobalDCX has created a network of liquidity partnerships with some of the world’s top exchanges which means that at any point in time you have access to a worldwide market of buyers and sellers.

Our deep order book matched with high-performance technology capable of handling over 1,000,000 transactions a second means that you can trade fast and in a tight marketplace.

Choose from a wide range of order types like stop, limit and market or dictate your terms and flexibly manage risk with trailing stops, fill or kill, IOC, or reserve orders. Review, execute, rejoice with GlobalDCX.

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